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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  April 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. >> a clear cold night but what you can expecter to you the rest of the weekend in the forecast just minutes away. >> you live in the city and know gun shots when you hear them. >> two shot on north avenue and a police officer confronts the gunman. >> and the first day of baseball. you can smell the beer, the bratx victim are ats. >> the best ways to save a dollar or three or eight on gas. we start tonight with a frighten story out of west baltimore. gun shots fired in the middle of a busy north avenue. tonight two are injured. christian was on the scene just seconds after the shooting. >> reporter: north avenue of course one of the main arteries. this happened onto westside as
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busy as it was around 3:30 when it happened very fortunate that nobody else was hurt. one of the shots went through the door of the blue star food marte which left the owner with a lot of clean up to do. he just opened about two months ago. >> i heard the shots, and -- i just seen a body but just heard the shot. when i came out i saw somebody on the ground. >> reporter: that was one of two men shot in the afternoon. police say uniformed officer was crosby and drove to the scene after hearing the shots fired. >> police officer actually heard the shots, entered the block and this after immediately confronted the individual who had a gun. >> reporter: that individual was continuing to fire the gun right along busy authority avenue. the officer fired at least one shot but didn't hit the suspect who got into a car and drove away. the second victim was found at this gas station.
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>> gun shots. you live in the city you know gun shots. >> reporter: vincent heard them just as he arrived at a store on north avenue. >> i was -- about to get out of the car and then the craziness started and -- had to fall back in the car because i didn't know where it was coming from. >> reporter: he climbed out of the drive's seat got out through the passengerrer door and snuck away he has no plans to go away. his store will be back open, gun fire he said nothing to be alarmed about. >> no. just -- you know, way of life. >> reporter: the two victims were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. police say they found a car that the suspects may have been drive away from the scene but they have made no arrests. they want to you call if you have information about that incident today. abc 2news. >> the divorce can be pain. butut its been twice as bad for
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a same sex couple here in maryland whose case is in front of the highest court in the state. they have been trying to get a divorce for a couple years now. they field for it in a court but the judge denied if. lawyers sate courts in maryland have not been consistent in these cases and the delay has caused a lot of problems. >> we can't get remarried, we can't -- very dangerous idea for us -- if we wanted to have children because we would betode to each other still. we worry about our financial assets. >> it could be months before the court releases its decision >> on the weather side we do have temperatures in the low 40s and mid50s. it's mild but wind from the authority around five to 12. letting up under a clear sky. it's recipe for a freeze tonight. especially west and north of
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the city. doesn't include baltimore or the eastern shore. asset northern counties including howard and montgomery. clear sykes skies into the mid60's. easter sunday coming up. >> now around the nation tonight a teen rape victim who has been put in a jail in california must stay there for ten days. she has been in jail for a week. the man accused of attacking her expected to be back in court on the 16th. prosecutors took the measures to put her in jail because they were worried she wouldn't come to court. her attorney said justice is not being served here. >> you can't put her in jail when she is the victim. >> with very to balance the protection of the community when we are making the decision. >> prosecutors say the teen has missed other hearings and they had to drop and refile the case. the girl can't be forced to testify but just to show up at
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the hearing. we are learning more about that navy jet crash that injured several and destroyed three apartment buildings nava have beach. what happened in the seconds before the crash were important. the pilots were able to take action to do some damage control. the destruction is still setting the fee and could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: it's a miracle nobody died. >> i pray now -- we don't find any victims. so far we have been lucky. >> reporter: lucky indeed. the navy jet crashed into a dense residential neighborhood. the pilots detected a massive fuel leak and dumped fuel before the jet dove in to the apartment complex. >> i heard a jet coming in and it was louder than normal and i looked up and sparks were shooting out the skied it came in to the building. >> reporter: dozens of police cars, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles filled the neighborhood. multiple buildings were on
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fire. it's believed the pilots waited to the last moment to eject to avoid hitting nearby schools. >> both of them ejected safely. the front seater was a student pilot. the backseater was an experienced instructor. >> reporter: one of them landed on colby's porch. >> he was still connected to it and he was on the ground. >> reporter: smith took care of the navy man. >> the pilot said i'm sorry for destroying your house. i just bent down and i touched him and was like it's okay. are you okay? he said i think i am. >> reporter: then the pilot apologized for crashing in to the apartment complex that is just a few mile away from the air station. abc news. >> lawmakers have just days to come to an agreement on the state budget but today there was no major progress there. the house and senate is trying to compromise on how quickly it should shift responsibility to
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counties to fund teacher pensions t it'll also race income taxes for people making $100,000 a year or more. >> either way you slice it, spending is going up by a billion dollars and there are massive tax increases across the board. >> we have been considerate to whoever increases have been, to spread them across the area of everybody, it's minimal as possible. >> now joint committee didn't meet today. monday is the final day of this session. maryland lawmakers trying to figure out a way to get gambling into the county. the house of delegates is proposing to expand it letting table games in pg county and five other state casinos but no slot machines. howard county delegate frank turner said the plan will let operators keep 85% of the table game revenue and the state will get about 15%, the plan is different from a version that passed the state senate.
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does she or not in we hope so or we hope someone does. the controversy around the maryland winner of last week's jackpot. the baltimore woman who claimed she got a piece of the big jackpot now says she lot lost the ticket. she said its been misplaced she has been looking for it . she said last week she had the ticket but it was hidden in mcdonalds where she worked. the lottery said they haven't heard from any winner will have to validate any claim for anybody who has the ticket. wilson hasn't shown anyone the ticket since claiming she won it. meantime the winning holder in kansas does doesn't want the attention. they walked in with a lawyer and got their cash. kansas has a law to lets them stay private. one winner down, two to go.
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happy smiles lots of orange around the streets of baltimore and then the beer, lots and lots of beer. it's got to be opening day at camden yards, it's the 20th opening day at one of the best ballparks in the united states. the orioles didn't disappoint. a sold out crowd by beating the twins. scott has been in every opening day since 1992 has the story of the game and the big day. >> reporter: 20 years ago today this ballpark opened. the weather was even better this time and the baseball was darn near as good. to get started rick who threw out the first pitch in 1992 was back on the mound throwing to his catcher back then didn't take them long to get this thing started. first inning with a runner on board, nick markakis with a drive to deep left. its gone. a 2-0 orioles lead. how about that the fans bari in
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their seats and the orioles off and running. adam jones double helped give them a 3-0 lead and then time for nick to click again. markakis back at it. this deep drive turns in to a triple, three rbis on the game more markakis a big day for the veteran right fielder. >> you know opening day you want to set the tone. you want to go out and win, especially opening at home, packed house, we know -- we know what the fans are about and we would like to see more of them this year. >> reporter: that's all jake needed. he threw seven shut outs and gape up only four hits. that's why buck gave him the ball and made him the opening day starter. >> i just want to set the tone and be a guy who some of the other guy dear sir look at and say when -- we know when he takes the mound mound he will get us in to the 7th or 8th inning put us in the position to win. i think that's what -- what an opening day guy, one starter
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has to do. >> reporter: jim johnson came into get the final out. orioles win it 4-2, exciting and emotional day for the fans and the skipper. >> i get emotional couple times a day just seeing how much it means to the people in baltimore. i -- this is different. this group of guys talks aboutt. they know what this fan base is like. it's up to us to tap deepener to it. >> reporter: while they haven't been great around here but the orioles have this opening day thing down. they are in opening days here. next a couple more with the twins this weekend and the yankees in for the first of three on monday. at camden yards. >> baseball a religion or some, especially around here but it shouldn't be today of all days. that's according to the baltimore church. today is good friday and the
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start of pass over and the fact that baseball scheduled the home opener for today was not lost on them. think were not happy. they sent out a statement earlier this week say that the nine major league games were playing today. >> when you have good friday and pass over you can't get anymore sensitive than that. i would hope that because of the -- of the voices that have been raise that next year and the yearsa third base they will take a new step. >> they also pointed out that the reds have asked to have their game moved from good friday to yesterday because of the controversy and the league okayed that. we have i-phones, i-phone 3g, 4, i-pad 2, i-pad 1, all names of apple products. apple is dishing the numbers in favor of just the name. why they are keeping the name simple. and want to save money on gas? try getting a gas credit card.
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some are better than it others. we will explain. the quietest place on earth. and a newscasters nightmare.
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. > apple debuted the new i- pad so now film for the new i- phone but apple appears to be changing the way it names it's products. john explains this so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: the hype over the new i-pad is barely died down but apple followers are whispering about the hottest new rumor, the release of the next i-phone. apple has been revealing them every summer the past few years and logically it's getting ready for the next one. fox con their supplier has told a tv program that it is ramping
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up factories for a june release. if true the next one would be revealed in late june during apple's developer's conference. information week magazine quotes experts don't expect the i-phone 5. apple is dropping numbers and and will probably just call it is new i-phone. that makes sense given that the new i-pad isn't the i-pad 3, just the new i-pad. same thing for the new version of the apple tv. if reports true the new phone will go on sale in july with the familiar lines and crowds crowds waiting for it. abc 2news. >> before you feed your dog list tone this. diamond pet foods is recalling its diamond natural's lamb and rice dog food because it could be contaminated. it is important for you as well to -- to -- as well as your dog
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because you can get sick from handling it. so far no illnesses have been reported. it was sold in 12 state including here and in pennsylvania. it's affecting all of us who drive a car or run a business. the high price of gas. you can't control the price but you can control how much you will pay for it. charlie look if to major credit cards that offer gas rebates and reveals which are probably the best for your wallet. >> reporter: don't let the high gas prices scare new to staying home. you can save hundreds a year if you know the best option. card lists the benefits of more than a thousand gas cards and we got down the best you can use here in maryland. some are connected specific gas stations, others act just like the v isa and work anywhere. the credit union platinum cash awards gives you 5% cash back
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at any station, plus 1% cash back on anything else you buy. no yearly fee but you do have to join the pin fed at a cost of $15. >> i shop at grocery store. >> reporter: groceries and gas tend to be it would have the biggest monthly expenses. blue character day card will help you save on both. it offers 2% gas back, 3% at grocery stores and 1% on everything else. also, no yearly fee. >> i don't want to carry a balancef. i do use a card it would be for points. >> reporter: that's the key to hughes to using any credit card. if you carry a balance it can out weigh any of the rewards you have earned. >> math is simple. when you get one, two, maybe 3% back, but the interest rate is 12, 15, 18%. if you carry a balance even for a short period of time it can out weigh whatever reward you
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have earned on the card. >> reporter: he said when be log for the best card consider all of your spending patterns, to see which type will most benefit your lifestyle there. are more ways to save. several smart phone apps show you the closest gas station was the cheapest price. grocery store reward cards can bring the cost of a gallon down even more. do your homework, with cards like these the most you will save is a couple hundred dollars a year, not a lot and not worth the savings if you can't commit to paying off the balance of your card every month. abc 2news. >> how are you saving on gas? like us on facebook and spill your guts or saving secrets, that's abc slash facebook. >> now, maryland a most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right a clear night.
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still breezy. that was the one weather woe, still breezy with the sun. nice day for opening day baseball. goodwin by the orioles. 52 at pwi now after reaching in to the low 60's earlier today. very low humidity. winds starting to come down. let's replay one spot downtown baltimore throughout the day on the season opener 2012 and you can see people out and about early, a lot of foot traffic as we get closer to the pitch and throughout the day it was all sun and gusty north wind around 10 to 15. tough to see that. beautiful finish to the day in baltimore. around the state all clear on the radar, that should hold up through monday night. a dry easter weekend but we have a couple of things to tell you about. first freeze warnings, authority of baltimore but cecil all the way through garret. every border county, including northern baltimore. with the freeze reaching deeper
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then this. enhanced fire risk, we have a fire weather watch, outdoor burning not advised. this say red flag warning, the ground and air just extremely dry and because of that we can have the enhanced fire risk the next day or two. temperatures low 50s, wind from the north five to ten. letting up. that means a clear, dry night and that also means a recipe for rapid cooling overnight and we will get to the freezing point over the northern edge of the state. you can see how clear it is a cross the east. what a beautiful set up into the easter weekend. high pressure in control. this big high pressure cell, think of it as a big bubble of clear weather that. will continue to drift slowly eastover the weekend, take will let the breeze continue to diminish and just great blue sykes tomorrow and we will start easter sunday nice and sunny and dry, getting warmer as the winds change direction. take a look at trend. clear through the day tomorrow.
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keep the sunglasses handy on saturday. clouds increase late in the day on easter sunday ahead of a new boundary but it looks like not nearly enough moisture to generate rain showers so we think the next best chance, obviously 9:00 fire risk, may be the middle of next week. overnight 35, clear and cold. tomorrow the two degree guarantee, 64 with sunny skies and some spots could get warmer. tomorrow night 37, not as much of a freeze concern and the seven day forecast looking ahead to easter sunday, near 70, i think it spots like annapolis will hit 70 and next week that chance for some rain. back to you. >> thank you. after the break, the quietest place on earth. first bill has a look at night line. >> coming up, the very latest on the jet that smashed into an apartment building exploding in to flames. was this an accident waiting to happen? and almost 40 and still living at home. the ultimate momma's boys on
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night line right after abc 2news.
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. we find peace in silence but how everyone often do we get a real chance to find if? will one room that's being called the quietest place on the earth. right next to the loudest room on earth. >> reporter: if you take a listen, we live in a pretty noisy place. even in the library, you can't
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escape it. there is one place in minneapolis where all noise goes away. >> the questest place on quietest blaze place on earth. >> echo chamber is a room that's defined as being 99.9% sound proof. >> reporter: they use it to record sounds of everything, and if you have wondered, that is what it sound like when you hear a pin drop. if here you will start to hear your heartbeat and then you start to heary lungs. >> reporter: to understand a quiet room you need a noisy room. the sound lab for eight seconds when you scream in here, it goes away instantly. the silence in here can be loud
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but the irony is the quietest place was made for the purpose of being noisy. >> all chambers are there for noise. out here in our world we can't get away from noise. while here in steve's world, let's take a moment of silence for silence . >> wow, wouldn't that be a great place to take a nap. sneak away, nap. >> need something in the background like a fan. can't beamletly quiet. >> i would love to spend the night in there. that would be fantastic. > >> have a bell alarm. tomorrow, 64 by 4:00. cool start and there will be a frost northern maryland over night. there is the outlook near 70 on sunday. chances for rain going up next week.
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that is a good thing. >> we will be back after this.
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. easter weekend. >> big pink bunnies, that's it for us. we aren't here go to the website.
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